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"Experience the Difference with Simpson Family Auto Spa LLC: Testimonials from Satisfied Customers"

a white car parked on a street

They did a great job with high levels of communication and the little gift bag I received was a great touch! I'll be contacting them to do my other cars.


a red car parked in a driveway

The most thorough detail I've ever had done After they did my truck I immediately decided to do my other vehicle. This company is hands down the best of the best !!!


the inside of a car

Money well spent. My car looks and smells great. I was very impressed with this company's attention to detail and making sure to get into all "the nooks and crannies."

Keep up the great work!


the front of a car

The best detailing job ever performed on any of my vehicles. Arthur was a "total pro". He cleaned my interior to factory specifications, wheels brightened and polished, and the clay bar-compound and ceramic coating was just outstanding. I'm giving him my triple Black 2020 Maserati Q4 this weekend. Can't wait to post the photo.


a white car with red lights

5 stars all around. If you are looking to get your car detailed definitely go with Simpson. The owner himself came to detail my car. He did a phenomenal job! My car looks like it's brand new! You can tell he really cares about his work. He was so detailed oriented. He didn't do a rush job, he even called and asked me if he can stay a bit longer. And on top of all that, he was just a really good guy and nice to talk to.


a collage of a car seat

Absolutely AMAZING!! I worked with a man named Art. I had scheduled for him to come to my house to do a free quote at 2 and he was here right on time! He came in a fairly big black van which was loaded with all of the cleaning supplies you could think of! He looked at my car and gave me an extremely reasonable price!! He worked on my car for HOURS and really spent the time to clean every little corner! I wish I took before and after pictures to show the transformation!
I have a really bad habit of eating in my car and leaving the corners of sauce packets etc all over my car. At work, I eat my lunch in my car and I have a tendency of leaving food out and it spills all over my car and it gets saturated in the carpets if my car. Please believe me when I say-- it's disgusting! Art literally spent so much time on my car making sure it was spot less!! It literally looked like I just bought the car brand new and drove it off the lot!! He's undercharging for the work he does!! He should've charged me double and I'm not being dramatic! Absolutely amazing service and I can't wait to work with him again!! Please please don't hesitate to work with this company!! I'm making sure all of my friends and family use his service! 



Art is a perfectionist! You can tell he loves what he does and is extremely knowledgeable. He definitely knows automobile paint, and even discovered a few things that the dealer hid from me before I purchase the car (used 2018 C300). He had me come take a look, and we devised a plan to do as much correction as possible. He took his time and really focused on making my car look like it belonged in the show room. I've never been so in love with a paint color in my life. A consummate professional, he was absolutely fabulous to work with from start to finish. He now has a customer for life.


customer review

Art was able to fit us into his schedule at the last minute when someone canceled their appointment. He washed and detailed my parents car which had never, ever been properly washed or cleaned, let alone detailed since the day they bought the car. Needless to say it took hours, but Art left no stone unturned and the car looked new at the end, much to my parents shock and surprise. Near the end of that job I asked if he had time to detail our SUV and he was happy to oblige us. Well after dark he finished. Art was at our house cleaning cars from 9:30 AM until after dark. That's how long and how much effort went into two vehicles. You do the math. I did, and tipped him accordingly. The results were two new looking vehicles. Happy to have him come detail my new car soon.


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Very professional, and excellent work. We bought a used car for our son and it smelled of doges and it was saturated with dog hair. He spent all day cleaning the inside of the car. I was very skeptical about being able to remove the smell as I am very sensitive. The car looks like new, feels very clean and smell is completely gone. He has lots of tools at his disposal for whatever your needs. Very impressed with this business and highly recommend!

J. G.

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